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~For Future Yong (oneshot)

 SIDENOTES: hello there! i am very very sorry for not updating my fanfiction: The Unexpected Photoshoot. a lot things had happen and only now that i got the chance to write again. so, here i am, serving you guys a oneshot. hope you guys like it. like always, CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM is highly recommended. also, on this Sunday, there will be a concert in Japan and SNSD will be in it. so the date in this fict is not synchronized with the concert. well, just let it pass. i'm too lazy to change it. hee~

WARNING: a lot of errors.( -.-") i don't have a beta-reader. if there's any errors, feel free to tell. this oneshot is rated K+.

JUNE 25th 2011.
5.58 AM.

“Does this thing even work?” a muffled voice heard, but the screen was still pitch black. “Ah, the cover.” The screen blurred for a moment before zooming into the ceiling above him. He then cleared his throat a few times while focusing the camera at the “CNBLUE” plate on the wall in front of him. The sound of ruffling sheets can be heard in the background.

“My name is Jung Yonghwa,” he whispered calmly to the camera. “I am 23 years old and I am currently the leader of CNBlue. Well, I don’t know if someday someone might steal my place as a leader. You see, Jungshin is very suspicious nowadays. He al—“

“Oppa,” a voice that was heavily laced by sleepiness suddenly called him. “It’s six AM, go back to sleep.”

He turned the video camera at himself, making a face that clearly says ‘what’s up with her?’ “What was I saying? Oh, Jungshin. I know he was trying to steal my place as a leader, and I will not let him. At least not until I join the marine. Wow, 5 years from now and I will be join—“

“Are you talking to yourself?” the same voice that called him seconds ago can be heard again. And it sounded annoyed.

He pointed the camera at the owner of the very annoyed voice next to him, laughing because all he could see on the screen was her flaring nose. “This is my, ex-wife slash my current girlfriend. It still sounds weird to me.”

The girl whom he called his girlfriend opened her bedroom eyes. He zoomed out so that he can capture the girl’s face clearly. “There’s a lot of aegyo skin under her eyes. It looks like rice cakes. Yum.”

She rubbed her eyes to see what he was doing on a Sunday morning like this. “Is that a camera? Ahhh!! Oppa!!” she screamed but because she just woke up, it sounded like she was groaning. She reached her hand out to cover the lens. Yonghwa hurriedly move the camera out of her reached, the screen blurred. After a few second, the camera was once again focusing on him, his side teeth can be clearly seen on the screen. Yep. Yonghwa was having the time of his life.

He once again pointed the camera at the girl beside him. She shot a pointy look at the camera then turned around under the sheets. All that can be seen on the screen was her back, clad in one of Yonghwa’s Bon Jovi t-shirt.

“Aw, don’t be like that.” He said, reaching out to poke her. After a few pokes here and there, she shifted, letting out a loud sigh, loud enough for the microphone to catch. “Okay, I’m sorry for waking you up after only two hours of sleep.” She was still glaring. “And also for recording while you were asleep. But I don’t want to stop, so please, don’t look at the camera like that. It’s kinda scary you know.” He pleaded.

“Fine.” She stopped glaring but still looked annoyed. Although she was rarely annoyed when she wakes up every morning, but today’s morning was a bit different. Well she was not to blame, she just got back from a tour, still jet-lagged, and she only slept for two hours. And to make it worst, she woke up with a camcoder right in front of her face. Thanks to her ex-husband slash boyfriend of course.

“That’s better.” He said while still focusing at her. She was currently sitting while running her fingers through her brown hair that somehow glisten when hit by the morning sunshine. “I’m making a video for future Yong.” He said. “Say hi to future Yong, Hyun.”

“Seriously?” she sounded less annoyed. Maybe she thought it was interesting. “Umm, hi. Hi future Yong.”

“Introduce yourself to future Yong.” He said.
“Hi again. I’m Seohyun from Girl’s Generation.” She said while slightly bowing towards the camera.
“That’s a formal introduction. Introduce yourself as my girlfriend.” He sounded excited.
“This is weird.” She scrunched her nose. “Umm.. I’m oppa’s girlfriend slash ex-wife. But I still wears the ring and the butterfly necklace.” She show those two items and Yonghwa gladly zooming on the said accessories.

“Okay, tell us how are you feeling right now? Aside from extremely tired and sleepy of course.” He said while focusing the camera back at her.

“I’m happy because the tour was a success and because now I can spend much time for myself and my family.” Yonghwa suddenly cleared his throat loudly. “And also with oppa and the CNBlue boys.”

He turned the camera, facing him once again. “Well, I don’t know if I could spend much time with her. I’m very busy with the filming right now. And the CNBlue boys also have tons of works to do during this summer.” A pillow came flying out of nowhere and hit Yonghwa on his face. The screen blurred for a moment. And suddenly—

“Aha! The table has turned Yonghwa oppa!” Seohyun cheered on the mic. The screen show a topless Yonghwa, who was frantically searching for any form of clothing.

“seohyun-ah, could you please hand me my t-shirt at the edge of the bed.” The camera wobbled for a second. “Thanks. I don’t want the future me sees my sixpacks.”

“You don’t have sixpacks, oppa.” Her voice was loud as she was holding the camera.

“I will, in the future. And I bet it will look better than Kyuhyun hyung’s, right future me?” He said while putting on his white t-shirt.

“Are you still mad, oppa?” She asked. Her voice was laced with concern.
“I’m not mad. But I’m still jealous. And future me, don’t loose to him, okay?” he said while making his way to the door.
“Where are you going?”
“Time to wake my fellow dongsaengs up.” He then opened the door. The camera wobbled again as Seohyun followed him, still clad in his t-shirt and a pair of Bermuda shorts.

“Ah, good morning JongHyun oppa.” She said politely and bowed with the camera still in her hand.
“Morning, Seohyun-shi. I don’t know you were here.” JongHyun was completely shocked to see her in the CNBlue dormitory, again. And both times, he didn’t know she was here until the very next morning.

The camera captured JongHyun in his blue wife beater and a pair of running shorts. On his hand there was only one pair of socks. “Are you going somewhere?” she asked.

“Yeah. I’m going to jog at the park. But I can’t seem to find my other socks. So I was wondering if I could borrow one of Hyung’s, wait, is that thing on?” He shot a question look while pointing at the contraption.

“Ne.” She replied.
“So you were recording me this whole time?”
“Ne. Oppa is making a video for future Yong.”

He suddenly cleared his throat and dusting of any imaginary dust from his shirt. “Hello, I’m JongHyun from CNBlue. I play the guitar and also the lead singer of the band.”

“I’m the lead singer of the band, and you should ask her about the camera once you saw it. There’s a new pair of socks in my drawer. Just take it.” Yonghwa suddenly called from the kitchen.

“Tell us how you feel right now, oppa.” She said while still recording a puzzled looking JongHyun.

“I’m feeling good. I got almost 11 hours worth of sleep last night and that’s why I’m up for a jog. I’m also feeling quite hungry so I’m thinking I should grab some breakfast at the nearby bread store.” He was suddenly quite. He didn’t know what to say anymore.

“Leave a message for future me.” Yonghwa’s voice was suddenly loud as he was standing beside his girlfriend.

“Hyung, I hope you will still be our leader ten years or twenty years from now. And please stop eating my share of bananas, like you are doing now.” Seohyun can’t help but to laugh. She pointed the camera at Yonghwa who was currently munching on JongHyun’s banana.

“I give you my socks, so it’s fair. Come Seohyun, it’s time.” Yonghwa motioned her to follow him.

Seohyun turned back the camera to Jonghyun. “Thanks oppa for the message and have a good time at the park.” JongHyun smiled at the camera, clearly showing his dimple. The camera blurred again and her footsteps can be heard as she was going after Yonghwa who was already infront of the maknae’s bedroom door.

“Seohyun-ah, what ever happen, keep filming.” He then opened the door, revealing a very very dark room, with two figures that each looked like a person sleeping under the sheets. “Jungshin snores.” He said to the camera. Yonghwa silently crept into the bedroom, making his way to the blinders, and he pulled it roughly, letting the warm sun hit the dark room.

The two sleeping persons did not even budge.

Seohyun kept filming as Yonghwa went to the bed near the window and he tugged the cover off, only to find a pair of legs. “Gosh, you still sleep like this, Minhyuk?” He then
Went around the bed and again tugged on the cover, revealing a sleeping drummer of CNBlue. “didn’t I tell you to sleep with your head on the pillow?”

Minhyuk only responded with “hmm..”.

“Oppa, is he awake?” Seohyun was curious as she zoom in the camera to Minhyuk. “Ahh… he looks like a sleeping puppy!” She exclaimed when she saw Minhyuk sleepy puppy eyes.

“Minhyuk-ah, wake up. I’m making a video for future me. Say something to future me.” Yonghwa was still determined to wake him up.

Minhyuk, who was still had his eyes closed shut tried his best to talk. “Hi, I’m Minhyuk the drummer of CNBlue. Future Hyung, I hope, in the future, you will not do silly things like making a video for future-future Hyung like you are doing now. And if you still want to do it, do it when people are not sleeping. And also,--“

“You sure talk much for a sleepy person. And no, I will still do a video for future me like this in the future.” Yonghwa talked back. “Jungshin-ah!!” he suddenly shouted. He sure has a loud voice fitted for a rocker. “wake up my favorite bassist in the world.” He shouted at Jungshin’s sleeping form and tugged on the cover, revealing Jungshin, wearing an eye mask.

Seohyun giggled when she saw the mask as it had crazy eyes printed on it. Yonghwa struggled to take off the mask and all the struggling woke the bassist up.

“Seriously, Hyung, go away.” He shoved Yonghwa off.
“Hey, wake up. I’m making a video—“
“Yeah I heard you already. Seohyun-ah, come nearer so that you can record my very very long speech of epiphany.” He waved at Seohyun and she came to his side. “Future hyung, I’m Jungshin, who likes to eat mango and who likes to be friend with the world. Future hyung, grow old, grow old with Seohyun, have kids, have more kids, buy a house, and be happy with your life. And please remember, I will always be there when you want to give up your title as the leader. I will always be there to take the spot from you. I will always be there to take care of Seohyun when you join the marine,”

He couldn’t finish his very very long speech of epiphany when Yonghwa suddenly pushed him off the bed. They bantered and engaged in a pillow fight while a giggling Seohyun caught everything on camera. And it went on and on and on….

JUNE 27th 2011.

“Hey, future me. It’s me again. I didn’t get a chance to leave a message for you so here it is.” He cleared his throat. “Future me, I am very content with my life right now. I’m doing well with my music and my acting, and also with my CNBlue boys. Also my family, friends and especially Seohyun. Future me, promise me, that you will never ever let her go. You will be with her, and always be with her, holding her hands. Because I know you know, you will never achieve this kind of happiness if you do not have her by your side. You’re a lucky man future Yonghwa because past Yonghwa have gotten you a very nice girl. So I’m giving you a task to make sure she will still be yours, no, ours in the future. If not, I’m going to beat a living crap out of you. Peace out, past Yonghwa.”

JUNE 28th 2021.

Jung Yonghwa is very content with his life. Especially when he has his ex-girlfriend slash wife tuck nicely under the covers beside him.



AN: so how was it? like always, give me some gogumas my fellow yongseo shipper! and thanks for reading my humble oneshot. long live goguma couple!

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 AN: the third addition of my own imaginary story of the infamous Goguma couple. i still don't have a beta-reader. anyone wants to be my official beta-reader? i'll give plenty of e-goguma for you. (:
Warning: THIS CHAPTER CONTAIN A LOT OF CHEESE AND FLUFF. also MAJOR OOC in Yonghwa's part. just bear with it. 
ps: i made a side note at the end of this chapter. i replied to your supportive comments there, and also sharing some of my rant(?) regarding this fict. if you're not interested in reading it, you just can skip it, no worries. HAPPY READING!

Yonghwa would trade anything for his current situation. Even his 72 hours sleep was nothing compared to what he was doing right now. Well, he was not doing anything, just lying on his back, under the shades of the big apple tree. But there was something that made this a situation to die for. He was currently resting his head on SNSD youngest group member, his virtual ex-wife, his Hyun lap. Yes, life could be so so fair and meaningful sometimes. If he was meant to die at this very moment, he will die with smile hanging from his two ears.

They changed their clothes. Most likely because their former clothes were drenched in sweat; the aftermath of being chased and being a chaser. She was wearing a light purple spaghetti strap sundress with her hair being made into a loose bun and secured with a pair of chopstick. He, on the other hand, was clad in a light purple buttoned-up shirt and a pair of pastel colored khakis pants.

“Seohyun-shi, play with his hair and look straight into his eyes. And don’t forget to smile.” the enthusiastic photographer-nim was fully absorbed in his world. “Talk about something, anything. I want this to be as perfect as it can be.”
Easy for him to say. Although she was feeling a lot more comfortable now that before, she still couldn’t look into that piercing charcoal eyes. But Yonghwa was doing a great job. He could stare at her beautiful face for the rest of his life. His vision strayed from her beautiful eyes, to her little nose, her high cheekbones, and last but not least, her full pink lips. He still remembered how those pair of lips felt like when it made contact with his left cheek. And he couldn’t stop himself from picturing how it feels like if he can kiss those sinfully pink lips. He looked away; to avoid being caught red-handed by her and his eyes caught a glint of something hanging on her neck. He recognized that glint; it was his present, the butterfly necklace.

“Ah, you’re still wearing it.” He was referring to the necklace.
“The necklace.”
“ohh.. yes.” Her hand immediately touched the necklace that was dangling from her neck. “Because, it’s… too cute and it looks pretty
so I can’t seem to stop wearing it.” She was sweating a little when he suddenly asked about the necklace.
“I’m not asking any excuses. I’m just saying.” He couldn’t help but to laugh when he saw her reaction.
“Well, you’re going to ask about it sooner or later, so it’s better if I just answer it beforehand.” She looked away, and then she saw their couple ring on his left hand. “oppa still wears the couple ring.” She pointed out.
“Because this is our couple ring that holds our memories together, and I’m going to make it as a family heirloom.” He said while showing his left hand to her. “You’re still wearing the couple ring too. Is it because it’s too cute and pretty?” his voice was laced with playful sarcasm.
Seohyun bit her lower lips, trying to contain her anger (and embarrassment) from seeping out. She crossed her hands, while looking away from the person who was leisurely placing his head on her lap.

“Looks like our Hyun is mad.”
“I’m not.”
“Yes you are. Your nose is flaring.” He couldn’t stop teasing her.
“Hyun-ah.. Seouhyun-ah...” cute. Too cute. “are you trying to ignore me?”
“I am ignoring you.” She said while still not looking at him.

She was mad. He knew it. Well, it was his fault to begin with.

“Seohyun-shi, I don’t know why, but you look prettier when you’re mad.”
“…..” she didn’t even budge.
“But you know, you will look much prettier when” his long hand easily reached up to the chopstick that held her hair and pulled it out. “When you let your hair down.” Her hair fell down, perfectly framing her face. “I prefer this looks.”
She was so shocked by his sudden move, and all she could do was kept staring at the person who was smiling playfully to her. And she couldn’t help but to smile back.

“PERFECT!” The photographer-nim suddenly shouted, bringing back the couple to reality. “The ambience is perfect and both of you shows a lot of chemistry! This is exactly what I want. Ah, Yonghwa-shi, you can get up now. We’re done for today’s photoshoot.”
He was a bit reluctant, screw that, he was very reluctant to get up from his current spot. But still he needed to get up. He closed his eyes, trying to memorize how it felt like, because these kinds of chances don’t come quite often. After savouring the last few seconds, he got up.

There was a weird sensation when he suddenly got up from her lap. A weird pang, a feeling of losing, losing the warmth that she got plenty a year ago from the same person that was currently in front of her, offering his hand while sporting his trademark smirk that completely show his side tooth aka his charm, like what the CNBlue fans keep saying.

“Seohyun-shi, it’s done. We need to thank sonbae-nim and the staffs before we go home.” He offered his hand. “Don’t tell me your legs are numb.” She was not answering. Well, if that’s the case, I have no choice but to carry you.”
“No, no, I’m fine. And my legs are okay. No need for carrying of lifting.” She hurriedly reached up for his hand and stood up.
“I thought you’re still mad at me.” They walk together toward the photographer-nim and the staffs that were currently packing and tidying stuff.
“I’m not mad. But if you keep on saying that, I will be mad for real.”
“Sorry sorry. But I’m not kidding when I said that you look prettier—“
“Thank you so much for the hard work Sonbae-nim.” She cut him off.
“Yes, thanks for having us here Sonbae-nim.” Yonghwa followed Seohyun, bowing 45 degree.
“You’re welcome. This photoshoot will not be a great success if it wasn’t for Yonghwa-shi and Seohyun-shi cooperation.” The senior photographer smiled happily at them. Both of you can take your refreshment prepared in the studio before you leave.”
“Thank you.” Both Yonghwa and Seohyun said together.
On their way back to the studio, Yonghwa was planning to ask her for a cup of coffee after this. But he didn’t know the best way to ask her. During their married life, he didn’t have to ask her out, for all the dates they went together were missions and for sure she would say yes. But now, it’s different. She may have plans after this. But he couldn’t let go of this opportunity. He wanted to be with her, just like old time, but without cameras or photographers constantly taking pictures of them.

“Hyun-ah, do you have any schedules after this?”
“No. I’m free today. How about you, oppa?”
“Me too.” He answered her question a bit more enthusiastic that usual. “Do you want to—“
“Seohyun-ah!” suddenly her manager-oppa came running towards them.
“What is it, oppa? You look like in a hurry.”
“Actually I need to go somewhere now. So I can’t send you home.”
“What? Did something happen?” she was anxious. Did something happen to her unnies?
“Well yes. But it’s not about SNSD. I need to settle something important. So Seohyun-ah, could you go home by taxi? I will pay you back after this.”
“Yes I will take the taxi and no, you don’t have to pay me back. It’s okay.” She assured him. Her manager-oppa looked frantic so she made a conclusion that the matter on his hand was something very important.
“Don’t worry hyung, I can take her home safely. No need for a taxi.” Yonghwa suddenly offered a helping hand.
“Yonghwa, are you her partner in this photoshoot?” he answered him with a nod. “Well this is even better! I can’t trust anyone to take care of our Seohyun more than you. I’m glad you’re here. So it’s settle, Yonghwa will take you back to the dorm.”
At first, Seohyun denied the idea, saying that she might be a burden to him but Yonghwa kept insisting that he was okay with it and he didn’t have anything to do after this. He even explained how he ended up coming here with his own car. (Well, he changed the story a little and he was thankful that his manager hyung drove him in his semi-conscious state. He did not even remember asking his hyung to drive his car instead of the CNBlue vehicles and for that, he promise himself to buy his hyung lunch after this.)

At the end, Seouhyun didn’t have any choice but to accept the offer. For Yonghwa, it was like a dream come true.
the end of the third installment of The Unexpected Photoshoot.
cavedown: 2310 hours - 0245hours; 110429
SIDENOTES: frankly speaking, i'm not that content with this chapter. i kept on rewriting and re-editing it again and again and i ended up writing this chapter again. sigh.. i don't want my readers to read something that i made half-ass, but i need to post it here, so that the story will keep on going on it's track. sorry sorry sorry *doing a sorry-sorry dance* for this. but still, i hope you enjoyed reading it. and i'll make sure the forth installment will be better than this. but i don't know when will i post it. maybe next week. also, i will be seating for my MedSI test tomorrow (maybe Malaysian knows what it is) so wish me luck!
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~The Unextected Photoshoot (Chapitre two)

 AN: the second addition of the yongseo fict. errors may be frequent. not beta-ed. pardon the flaws and happy reading! =)
You've been warned: excessive use of the word; smile, and laugh. also some OOC-ness in Seohyun. just bear with it.


“Yonghwa-shi, can you please put your hands around Seohyun-shi? And Seohyun-shi, be more, how should I say, bright please. It’s not the first time you guys do a pose like this, ne?”
Seriously, the photographer was not helping. Seohyun couldn’t control her heartbeat. The photoshoot started off smoothly. Well, most likely because it was individual photoshoot; there was no physical contact what-so-ever. But she still couldn’t contain her heartbeat. It was going ‘duguen duguen’ every single time their eyes meet. She tried so hard to not look at him but resistance proved to be futile when it comes to feelings. It’s the same feeling that she would feel when she couldn’t take off their couple ring and the butterfly necklace that held so many memories of them, of him.

“Hyun, are you okay?”
“Hmm? Ne. I’m okay. Why?” Duguen duguen.

He only smiled. Yonghwa knew, she was feeling uncomfortable with him. It was written all over her face. The same face she put up when they first met, during their first conversation in the SNSD car last year. She was smiling, hell; she could kill a guy with that smile (he almost got killed so he knew) but something was off. He missed the smile when they were happy together. The smile she wore when they were visiting the goguma village in Japan together, the smile she wore when he agreed to be her doll the night after they snowboarding together and the smile she wore when he gave the handmade pink scarf during the last days there were together. And now, Yonghwa was determine to see that smile. Even though he knew he may loose his lower jaw when he sees it.

“Hyun, you’re a meanie.” Yong-choding mode; activate.
“You know I’m not that tall but you still wear those 3-inches stilettos.”
“I’m not the one who decided the dress code.”
“Excuses are not accepted.”
“I’m not giving you excuses. I’m telling the truth. You see…”

Seohyun was so engrossed in explaining the truth to him, she did not realized how Yonghwa silently putting his hands around her middle.

“And then unnie came with this red stiletto—“
“And I ended up standing on this mini stage.” He cut her off. “ Do you know how embarrassing it is to stand here? It’s like the time when I tried on the tuxedos for our weeding photoshoot.”

She burst out laughing when she remembered how annoyed he was everytime the curtain was pulled up, how he would hurriedly went off the mini-stage and his awkward pose when he was forced to take pictures on top of the mini-stage he loathe at.

“Ah!! Good shot! Seohyun-shi, I want that look, that smile. Just keep smiling like that, okay!” the photographer was smiling widely at both of them.
Seohyun knew, she was not smiling because the photographer asked her to do so, but she kept on smiling, her pure, true, natural smile because she was feeling very comfortable warped in his hands like this. And when she saw his left hand, only God knows how happy she was because on the ring finger, their couple ring was still there.

“Good job both of you! The next one will be the last. Let’s head out to the garden. The weather is too perfect for an outdoor photoshoot!” the photographer said while collecting his things and making his way to the garden.
“Looks like sonbae-nim is very enthusiastic today, don’t you think?” He was finally letting go of her middle and she felt somehow, empty.
“Ne. Well, maybe because of the good weather?”
“Hmm.. I think it’s because we are here.” He flashed his famous toothy grin that she learned to like, little by little.
“Oppa, you really like to be a narcissist, don’t you?” they walked side by side towards the garden that was located right behind the studio.
“What to do? That’s my true nature as a Busan man. And to tell you the truth, JongHyun is on the whole new different level of narcissism.”
“Really. He’s a true Busan man. I’m glad he’s my dongsaeng.”
“I think they three of them are narcissistic, and most likely because they're following their hyung.” She could see how Yonghwa face slightly changed, as if there was a choding inside him, and she was ready to run.
“Are you questioning my level of narcissism? Come here you!”

He chased her around the big apple tree and she was running away from him, and laughing at the same time. Yes. She missed it, he missed it too. They missed this kind of moment the most. When they forgot there were actually cameras and staffs around them, when they show their true self to each other, and when they melted in their own world that they shared together.

The couple was so engrossed in chasing after each other, laughing and teasing simultaneously. Meanwhile, the photographer-nim couldn’t stop taking their pictures. After all, he was an avid fan of the infamous goguma couple too.
end of second addition of yongseo fict.
cavedown: 1156hours~0210hours; 110427
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~The Unexpected Photoshoot (Chapitre one)

Title: The Unexpected Photoshoot
Genre: Romance, comedy, fluff (i think).
Rating: From K+ to T.
Summary: Two months after the end of their virtual marriage, an unexpected encounter of the Goguma couple.
Warning: Errors might be frequent, i don't have a beta-reader. pardon the flaws. (:

She was nervous. Nervous for this would be the first time she’s posing as the cover girl of a famous teenage magazine and the nervousness kept increasing and growing when her manager-oppa informed her that she would be posing with a guy. The worst part was, he only told her a few hours ago. She was a bit mad at her manager-oppa. If she knew she would be posing with another guy, she wouldn’t accept the offer. God knows how uncomfortable she would be in front of the camera. She was hoping the guy would be someone she knew. Her unnies are not with her. They didn’t have any schedule today. Sigh… it was freaking Sunday so it’s normal for them to not have schedule, except for her.

“Seohyun-shi, follow me please.”

The unnie whom she recognized as one of the staff smiled at her. She smiled back, and she knew how awful her smile was. She stood up and dusted off her dress while glancing towards the mirror, checking her hair and make-up. She was wearing a bright yellow sundress that reaching up only to her mid-thigh. Her hair was made into a ponytail with some loose strands that perfectly framing her face.

“Seohyun, fighting!” she said to herself then she followed the unnie.

=at a different room=

“Yonghwa-shi, Yonghwa-shi, wake up please. It’s almost your turn.”

The thought of just continue sleeping was lingering in his head. Seriously, he just came back to Seoul last night from Singapore, shooting a music video for CNBlue latest single. He was still half-conscious when his manager-hyung drove him to here. His dongsengs were happily sleeping their head off on their cozy bed and he’s here, on this hard sofa, trying to get some sleep. But the moment he was about to shut down, this noona whom he recognized as one of the staff (she was wearing a tag with STAFF written on it) kept on asking him to wake up. Damn.. Can life be more miserable? It was freaking Sunday people! Still, he couldn’t do anything when it comes to work. It was just a photoshoot for a cover of a famous teen magazine, where he needed to pose with a girl that he was to sleepy to give a damn who would it be.

“Yes yes.. I’m awake now.” He motivated himself by saying that after this few hours of photoshoot, he would be buried under his pillows for a good 72 hours, or more. “Let’s get this over with!”
=the photoshoot=

Seohyun was fanning herself with some papers that she managed to snatch at a nearby coffee table. ‘What took him so long? Argh! I knew it would turn out like this.’ Her nose was flaring, indicating how furious she was. “No goguma for this kind of guy!” she blurted her thoughts.

“Sorry I’m late, I fell asleep just now.”

He was asleep? So she was waiting for someone who was sleeping? She was about to turn around and give the sleepy guy a piece of her mind but she stopped. She completely stopped when she saw the guy who was standing only a few feet away from her. Her eyes went wide, and so did him.


He couldn’t say anything more. He was swept away by her beauty. How perfect her face was, how pretty her hair was made -though it would be much better if she let loose her hair and how fascinating her wide-rabbit eyes as it looked right at him. Damn, he missed her, so much.

She couldn’t say a single word afterwards, let alone a single syllable when their eyes met. The first thing she noticed was his hollow cheek. He lost some weight, judging from how pointy his chin now compared to two months ago. And there were dark circles around his sleepy eyes. She was stung by an unknown feeling when she realized how tired this man could be. But she knew, deep down, she was happy to see him. Yes, she missed him, so much.

“ahh.. you guys already met. There’s no need for formal introduction I guess.”

Both Yonghwa and Seohyun turned towards the familiar voice. She smiled. No wonder his voice was familiar, it was the same photographer who took their weeding pictures. They both bowed politely at the senior photographer.

“How are you doing sonbae-nim?” Yonghwa said while still bowing.
“Yes I’m fine. Thanks for agreeing to do photoshoot, even it was Sunday.” He smiled brightly at the two.
“No it’s okay. It is supposed to be us who are thankful to you, sonbae-nim.” Seohyun politely replied, unknowingly using “us” instead of “me”.
“There’s no better partner for Seohyun-shi other that Yonghwa-shi. And the staffs were agreeing with my idea when I said that during the meeting.” He said and ended it with a throaty laugh.
“Thank you sunbae-nim.” Yonghwa smiled and slightly stealing glances at Seohyun and he was about to laugh when he saw she was blushing a little.

Looks like the idea of being buried in pillows is nothing compared to this.

ps: i seriously not very familiar using lifejournal. i usually post my ficts at fanfiction.net. please anyone correct me if i'm wrong. also, i will continue this fict if i get at least 4 comments. and constructive criticism is HIGHLY recommended. thanks for reading! (=

zee avi.. the new jaazz on the block

she's one of the best jazz singer i ever heard of. seriously, she has those flowy kind of voice. even a jazz-hater *huuhu* like me fall head over heels with her songs, her guitars, and those gifted voice. she also wrote her own songs!! and one of her song, was a featured song in private practice.. i first heard her on radio, i think its flyfm. and i fall in love with her voice instantly.. then i knoe, she is actually a malay. a sabahan but she settles at aussie and currently under a well known jazz label. hah!! she got it on the spot.. she became a singer thanks to her friend. she put her video at youtube for her friend to watch. and her vids featuring her singing was a big blow for jazz lover.. so good. u need to hear it by yourself.. dload here.. http://www.4shared.com/network/search.jsp?sortType=1&sortOrder=1&sortmode=2&searchName=zee+avi&searchmode=2&searchName=zee+avi&searchDescription=&searchExtention=&sizeCriteria=atleast&sizevalue=10&start=0


test post

this is my second blog actually. my other blog is http://haresisology.blogspot.com/ . this journal was made for sole purpose of ranting by myself or expressing myself. different from the other blog i have. also, i made an acc bcos i wanna join KWMS community here in livejournal. i will try my best to post everything in english. oke, chiauu